Message From CEO

28 June 2021
Message from Our Chief Executive Officer

In fiscal year 2019, Bamboo Finance Plc., delivered exceptional value to clients through our work in Excellent Services. We responded to changes in the marketplace by embracing new strategies for this fiscal year, we delivered a profession-services that improves client’s quality and efficiency with consistently high-quality results through more efficient and effective ways of working with clients. Quality is our foundation, and over the past year we proved our dedication to this belief. After several years of improving quality reports from our Operations, our latest results reflect operations quality amongst the good in the business. 


Under our new 2019-2022 Strategic Plan, we are committed to the new Strategic Plan sets out our strategic priorities for the next three years and contains concrete and meaningful initiatives that focus on the goal of promoting and fostering a and healthy MFI that protects and serves our clients.


In all of this, Bamboo’s sees the opportunity to build deeper and more personal relationships with those we serve. We also see new and better ways to run our business, empower our colleagues and compete in the market. The Financial Services of the future is full of promise and potential. And we are dedicating significant resources to create it. Bamboos’ is not only responding to the change; we are leading it.


2019 marked another year of record reported earnings 5,716 million Riel. Our firm is strong, growing and profitable. Our focused growth strategy executed by the best workforce in the business delivered results. We expanded relationships with existing compliant clients and won exciting new work to serve a wide range of complex, national businesses. Overall revenue for the fiscal year increased by 2,814 to 5,716 million Riel, a record best result for our firm. 


Going forward, we are realizing our vision to be the most admired professional financial services firm. We are working diligently to strengthen our business and deliver results for our clients and our firm. We are building our team with an intense focus on our values and a high-performing culture, because getting results the right way matters. We are confident in our future and enthusiastically embrace the changes and innovations that will redefine our profession in the years to come. As we engage in this important work together, I welcome your thoughts. 


Looking ahead, the financial services industry will be further shaped by rapid innovation and disruption. We must be prepared for increasingly sophisticated security and fraud risks, as well as evolving regulatory landscapes. At the same time, consumer expectations will continue to rise, just as competition from traditional and non-traditional players intensifies. 


In closing, I would like to acknowledge the Board of Directors for their continued stewardship and guidance throughout the past year. I would also like to thank our dedicated professional management and hardworking staff for their continued support and look forward to working with you as we advance the initiatives set out in our new Strategic Plan.


Keo Sokha
Chief Executive Officer,