Business Profile

29 June 2021

Bamboo Finance PLC., (“Bamboo”) was established in Cambodia on 22 March 2015. Bamboo aims to become one of the leading microfinance institutions (MFIs) in Cambodia, with offices in three provinces. Bamboo has been officially recognized by the National Bank of Cambodia, which obtained it’s legally license on 07 May 2015.  

Bamboo currently provides its primary service have been designed to contribute Micro, Small, and Medium-sized financial credits sector which has been under served by financial institutions. 

We aim at the productivity of the client to enable them achieve their full potential which has hitherto been elusive due to the perceived risky nature of providing financial services to the Micro, Small and Medium-sized financial credits. We achieve this by emphasizing the immense benefits of empowering the client through a discipline of consistent and deliberate to achieve both short-term and long-term goals.

The products we offer will enable ourclients to satisfy their needs and to promote the standard of living with a dignified, flourishing, and an adequate quality of their status in life.